The T-Rex

Once upon a time there was an asteroid. It came to earth very fast and killed lots of people. There was a hero. He shouted and people came to help. They went to have a look to see who they could help. The heard gears turning, a maniacal turtle came out with a campus. Unexpectedly, there was a light which shone on two different castles in the distance.

Suddenly a dinosaur’s bones came alive. It was a T-rex guarding the treasure and a pot of gold. The hero chased off the dinosaur and the people helping him weighed the treasure and gold. At that moment, there was an earth quake and they had to run away to keep safe.

When they got back the treasure and gold was gone. They followed the foot prints over the bridge where they found a camp of doctors who had taken the money. They listened to what the doctors said about keeping the money. The hero and the people let the doctors keep the money for the hospital helping everyone hurt by the asteroid.

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