Individual Learning

Your Custom-Made Support Plans

Each learner is an individual and may require individual support. A large percentage of our learners come to us became they feel the education system has let them down in a particular area - it could be a small simple thing, like fractions. Their experience is of the class moving on just as they started to get to grips with it and by the time the topic comes around again they have forgotten the basics and they can't take on the new material because they are still struggling with the original concept. 


We will start where they last felt comfortable, we will help them understand the basics before moving on to the next step. We will then progress through the stages needed to get to the level you want to be at. Because our students work from home, those with physical problems often find that our method of study suits them well and in addition to our paper courses we can also supply PDF versions which can be sized for those with eyesight problems or printed off in various forms to meet other requirements. If coloured paper helps anyone with dyslexia we can also supply blue, pink or yellow paper.

Many students who encounter problems in social situations find that our method of study is very non intimidating and the flexibility in timing and tutor contact helps them enormously.

Although the learning and teaching is done by us, the majority of our home educated learners will have to take their exams at local schools or colleges and they will come under the category of Private or External Candidates.

This means that these students will not be known to the staff at the centre where they book their exam.


It therefore becomes a long and costly process to prove to the exam boards that a student who is not known to the centre as one of their students should have a special arrangement and many exam officers will unfortunately refuse to get involved.

If we know that you have special exam requirements when you apply, we can explain what you will need to do and try to advise you on the most likely places to help.

Learn to Read

One-to-One learning Programs

Reception Summer Reading Support- 6 hours

We offer over the Summer holiday period 6 x 1 hour sessions, a weekly visit to keep the reading and phonics practice going so going in to Year 1 doesn't feel like a such a jump.

Year 2 SAT Preparation - 15 Sessions per subject

To cover all that is needed for both Maths and English SATS. Support sessions start in February, so it is important to book early. These session are taught, wherever possible, practically through fun and games; very few worksheets are used.

Year 6 SAT Preparation - 20 Sessions per subject
To cover all that is needed for both the Maths and English SATs support sessions start in January, so it is important to book early. The learner has an hour session and then may be asked to follow up with some independent work. We are very mindful of homework levels expected by schools and this is done with careful consideration and with a very short time limit.

Homeschool Sessions

As and when booked


We run sessions all year round. Many of our learners travel frequently, other are un-well for periods of time. We deliver sessions as and when they are required. We can stop and start quickly. However, regular slots can't always be guaranteed for short periods of the year. We will do our best to keep the same days and times over long bookings.

NVQ English and Maths

Sessions arranged on an hourly basis

These can be booked during lunch times at a coffee shop and your colleagues need never know! Session also available after work.

Dyslexics and Autistic Support 

Sessions arranged on an hourly basis


Whether you need  support to learn to read and write  or you would like to learn independent skills for living  such as cooking, shopping or cleaning we can tailor the sessions to your needs.