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The Festive Season Has Started

The festive season has now officially started and the blanket-ban I have placed upon you asking me or telling how many days are left until Christmas Eve is now officially lifted.

The Christmas Season got off to a great start with our visit to Kew Gardens and their light festival.

I can not cope with Christmas in September, when we have have Harvest Festival, All Hallows Day, Remembrance Day, Thanksgiving and a number of other days to think about. However, once St Nicolas' Day, on December 6th, arrives I feel we can all cope with the lead up to Christmas. It is time to think about Human Rights Day, 10th December. Article 9: is the freedom of thought, belief and religion It includes the right to change your religion or beliefs at any time.

You also have the right to put your thoughts and beliefs into action. This could include your right to wear religious clothing, or ridiculous Christmas jumper, the right to talk about your beliefs or take part in religious worship. Public authorities cannot stop you practising your religion, without very good reason.


Importantly, this right protects a wide range of non-religious beliefs including atheism, agnosticism, veganism and pacifism. For a belief to be protected under this article, it must be serious, concern important aspects of human life or behaviour, be sincerely held, and be worthy of respect in a democratic society.

So, how each of us celebrates the next few weeks is a Human Right, as long as it does not threaten public safety, public order, health or morals and the rights and freedoms of other people.

Tolerance and repect of other peoples customs is vital. When confided with family members you don't partially get along with over the Christmas period can be problematical. Just remember, they have the Right to their view points just as you do. They can decorate their homes with loads of lights or no lights. They can go away, or stay at home, they can have turkey or nut roast, they can give lots of cheap presents or just one expensive gift or no gifts, they can send loads of cards or no cards, they can wrap up using non- recycle-able paper or reuse last years paper and they can chose to drink or not to drink alcohol. But they don't have the Right to drink drive.

Try hard not to judge too harshly.


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