The Colour Orange

This week whilst you are out on one of your daily walks to keep fit and mentally healthy, look out for things that are orange.

We have looked for the primary colours already blue, red and yellow. They are primary colours because we can't mix them from other colours. This week we start our walk looking for secondary colours. If your mix red and yellow together you get orange.

Here is what I have been able to find to start off our colour orange collection. Please feel free to use our collection and add your own. Please send your photos in if you have something interesting we don't already have.

So, what are we going to do with our orange photographs. You can do just one or all of the following activities.

Remember to ask permission before you print off the photographs. If you can not print them off don't worry - use them as reference and write the name of the item in to your work.

1. Art

Find as many examples of orange as you can out side and inside and make a collage. You can do this either by printing off the photographs and cutting them up and sticking them down on paper. Using Word to place them in a nice arrangement. Use power point to rotate them or use them as your screen saver for this week.

2. History and Geography

Make a project about orange. Investigate where and why orange was used in Europe during the 16th and 17th Century and why people were called "of Orange?"

3. Design and Technology

Make a colour chart with your paints. Start with an orange made with yellow and very little red at the top and and a little bit more red to it each time. Then make a swipe of paint at top of the paper, adding a little bit more red as you go down until the last swipe on the paper is almost red with a hint of yellow. Then make a picture only using the oranges your can mix in this way.

4. Maths

Make a bar graph putting all the natural orange things found in the first point of data, all the manmade orange things in the second.

5. R.E. and Cultural Education

Investigate how the colour orange is used in Art, you will need to look at ancient Egypt for this.

6. English

Make a number of Top Trump cards with the names of purple

Cadmium Yellow Deep





Indian Yellow

Here is the start of our orange collection.

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