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Thank You

A big thank you to all the families who have cancelled face to face sessions, this week, as a result of positive tests.

As a homeschool community, we all appreciate each others' efforts to keep us all safe. The cancellations this week have been caused by a brother or sister being picked up by the "in school' tests, their year group being sent home from school and the family isolating. Nobody in this group has had direct contact with Covid and the Orchard Training tests are all negative.

We have had one family, where the family have tested positive. The parents were picked up via work place testing and they were on the phone very quickly, days before their lesson was due. Therefore, we have been protected that way as well.

Thank you to everyone who has complete the Covid-19 weekly form on time (before the lesson, even if I have had to give you a little nudge.) It means the Cookery Club and Garden Club can continue to meet. The established study buddy groups can meet up to learn and exercise together and not in isolation. It also means that I can come out and do face to face with everyone who really need that contact.

May I just say once again, how grateful everyone is of everyone else's actions and precautions - we are all working together to stay safe and keep our study buddies and their families safe.

(sorry about the harvest/thanks giving photo that was the best one I could find - although it does link to the Garden Club they are not the only ones who are grateful!)


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