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Sunflower Competition 2023

This weekend I have been out and about measuring the sunflowers, in this year's competition. I have to say well done to everyone! Everyone's sunflowers did much better that mine. The tallest mine got this year was waist hight - a total disaster!

The winners are in KS2 this year, two sisters Emmy and Alice have managed to grow their sunflowers to 3.7m tall (0ver 12ft tall). Fred came second and Elliott and Olivia joint third place. There is a special mention goes Madeline whose sunflower got to 1.8m (6 foot).

I have heard from the families who live around our Study Buddies with sunflowers, that they too would be interested in taking part in the competition.

One thing to notice - they are all down in Southampton. This is the 4th year running the study buddies in Hampshire have won. Berkshire, Kent, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex and Wiltshire, we are not doing as well as them. Oh well, there is always next year!


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