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My Bookshelf

My name is Jeff and I believe my bookshelf is a live or at least it comes alive when I sleep. I have the habit of keeping my bed room tidy. However, when I wake up some of things have moved from the place where I left them. I am sure it is by magic.

A month ago, I found some of my action men were to be taking part in a motor bike race. The Lego people appear to be taking part in a spy game - hunting I don’t know who. My favourite action figurine was face down like he has fallen off a cliff, I know I put him safely on the top shelf.

My family did not believe me when I told them the toys have moved. I simply can’t convince them it is not me playing a prank on them. in order to prove it I said I would put some cameras in my bedroom and film overnight to show them. So, that day I borrowed a camera and set it up and went to bed. When I checked it the following morning - nothing had been filmed. I am sure I left the camera running but it looks like it had been switched off.

Mum asked if I had any footage to show in the morning. When I said no, she said “See your book shelf does not come alive.” This made me feel mad but I convinced her that something was going on. I tell her “I think someone in the family is sabotaging me.”

That night, I make a big fuss about taking the camera out of my room. But I hid it secretly in my room. That night I check and double check that the camera is filming.

Finally, I go to sleep. During the night, I kept waking up thinking is the camera running or not. But I stayed in bed. When I woke up I found lots of footage of the nightly goings on. I told mum and she watched what I had filmed. She was not happy, so that night mum helped me get my revenge.

We did some stop action filming and the following morning we showed it to all the family and made them believe it was real. The film made it look like the toys were really moving around and nobody was doing it. No matter how much my brother claimed it was him all along - nobody believed him. Mum brought me a new lockable book case and all my things have stayed still from that day onwards.


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