Making the Internet Safer

Every month we receive the latest stories and updates from the three partners in the UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC) made up with Childnet International, The IWF (Internet Watch Foundation), and SWGfL (South West Grid for Learning).

This month’s message we want to focus upon is how the internet is used to further harm children and what we need to do to stop it.

For too many children, the ordeal of sexual abuse doesn’t end when the abuse stops. The recording, viewing and sharing of countless images online means victims suffer humiliation and misery every time someone clicks on a photo or video of their abuse. IWF’s team of world-class analysts work tirelessly to beat the harmful side of technology by harnessing cutting-edge tools to stop this cruel abuse.

The government and children protection agency are doing their bit. Did you know that every 5 minutes a photo of a child being sexually abused is removed? However, this is being simply replaced by another image.

So, if you stumble across an image which shows a child taking part in a sexual act don’t show to your friends, don’t share it, don’t pass it on – simply report it either to the police or to your internet provide and demand it is removed.

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