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It was Friday the 13th December, Lily had gone to school like every other day but today she had this sicken feeling in her stomach. She just felt something was wrong. She got home and it had been raining heavy and Lily was soaking wet. Her mum told her to get out of her wet uniform but Lily just stared, her mum said “what`s up?” but before Lily could answer her phoned pinged, it was a message from one of her friends saying James John had been killed in a car crash in France. Lily thought this was bad prank and messaged back not funny. Then her phoned pinged again and again, she knew now this must be true and broke down in tears. Her mum comforted her as Lily cried on her shoulder.

Lily now knew it was up to her to ring Ruby her best friend the news. Ruby used to go out with James John and Lily knew she would take the news bad. She knew Ruby still had feeling for James John. She rang her to find out where she was. Ruby was at blue water shopping with her friend Demi. Lily said stay there my mums going to pick you up. Ruby said “why -what`s up?” Lily said “I will tell you in a bit”. Lily’s mum picked up Ruby and Demi they said again “what’s up? We can see you have been crying” Lily’s mum just said “Lily wants to speak to you in private.” The girls just sat in silent on the way home. When they arrived home all three girls went upstairs and Lily broke the news to Ruby. Ruby said “Don’t be silly I only spoke to him yesterday, why you lying for?” Lily said “do you think I would lie about this,” with that all three hugged each other and cried until they thought they had no more tears left to cry.

They couldn’t believe it James John was only 18; Lily started ringing round some of James Johns friends to find out what had actually happened. Peter said “They were out there for a driving competition when James John’s car lost control. He died at the scene. The only good thing is it happened so quick he wouldn’t have known anything about it. That made us all feel a bit better to no he didn’t suffer.” Ruby went home with Lily and she spent the rest of the night on the phone, crying, laughing and just sitting on the phone in silent to each other. The next day they girls had seen a just giving page that had been set up to help raise the money to fly James John body home. In less than an hour they had raised over £10.000. Lily and Ruby knew that was enough to get him home and pay for a good funeral for him.

Christmas and New Year had come, in the back of the girls mind was James John they knew he loved Christmas and New Year. Although they had enjoyed themselves they couldn’t help but think of James Johns mum, dad, brother and she sister. The first Christmas and New Year would have been so hard for them. They would have already had his presents under the tree; they couldn’t image our hard it was for them all.

The day of the funeral arrived it was 22nd January and although the girls were not allowed to go the funeral because their mums and dads had said it would be too much for them. Lily had never been to a funeral before and Ruby had only gone to her granny’s who was very old. Demi didn’t want to go all at. She said she didn’t like funerals. They managed to watch the funeral on Lily’s phones in her bedroom. It had been live streamed to make sure no one missed it. The coffin was beautiful full of all pictures of James John from when he was a baby till now. There were hundreds of cars revving up when the coffin went passed. Trucks full of flowers and everyone wore the number 143 on their tops. That was his racing number. While watching the funeral the girls looked at each other and said “he would of loved this, all this fuss for him” He really didn’t know how loved he was and how special he was.

After the funeral Lily, Ruby and Demi went and got flowers and balloons and took the long journey to the church. The girls were frightened but they all wanted to go to show their respect to their special friend. They all got to the church and hugged each other crying and laughing with nerves they read some off the cards. Some simply said rip for rest in peace why others read to our darling son you were loved more than you will ever no. It really was heart breaking to read the messages. They took some pictures on their phones so they never forget James John, their friend that died too young and the friend they will never forget. \

Since this as happened the girls have sworn to make the most of their lives because after all their said you only live once. Ruby enrolled in college to take a hair and beauty course, Demi stayed on to do sixth form and Lily also enrolled in college to do a child care course. They still think a lot about James John and they thank him for turning their lives around. Before he died if you had asked the girls what they wanted to do when they left school they would have said doesn’t know. Now they are all happy with their decisions and plan to enjoy the rest of the lives. Ruby is planning on travelling to France to lay flowers at the place James John died; she is going to ask the other girls to go with her. Best friends forever stick together.

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