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Homeschool Garden Club - Planting Spring Bulbs

This week, the homeschool Garden Club has been working hard. We started this year on a high with lots of seeds germinating and lots of things in the ground doing really well. Then the summer break happened and many of you went off on your holidays. The sun struck and we lots of lot due to the heat and watering issues. When the water butts ran dry we collectively made the choice that we would not use the hose pipes as some of us lived in areas where a hose pipe band had been brought in and some of did not.

Over the last three weeks of the autumn term, we have been cleaning up the dried and dead plants. Looking at what served and what has not.

We manage only 1 halloween pumping between us and a small one at that. Although those plants that have survived is now flowering again. Sadly, these will not make any pumpkins but we are enjoying the flowers.

Our strawberry plants took a bit of bashing and we are filling the gaps. The raspberries and blackberries really took a bashing and we may have lost some plants. With the recent rain the rhubarb is making come back. The apple trees have lost a lot of their harvest but we still have had a generous number of apples to peel and make into pie filling and apple crumbles.

The sunflower competition got off to a good start and many got over the fence levels but then the heat hit and they winner of the completion was done in Southampton again. We are going to have our game up here in Surrey. Prizes have been dispensed.

Our lesson, this week, was looking at Spring bulbs. we have ordered small, medium and tall bulbs. we ordered and now planted Dutch Iris, fritillary, crocus and alliums.


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