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Homeschool Garden Club - Memorial Tree Planting Programme

This autumn we are being invited by the RHS, along with other groups, schools, businesses, local authorities and individuals, to plant trees in memory of those who have lost their lives to COVID-19. 

I think this might be a lovely thing for our Homeschool Garden Club to do, as we are approaching All Hallows (end of October) which is the traditional day to remember lost ones and Remembrance Day (the start of November) Even if we don't know somebody personally who has passed away we could plant a tree and dedicate it to the staff of the NHS who have lost their lives whilst treating others.

We can choose one larger tree to plant from all of us or we can plant small trees in our own garden. Let's have your ideas.

The trees can be any size, shape or variety in order to suit everyone's budgets and capabilities. When trees are planted, we can complete the RHS survey letting them know where it is. They will then use that information to populate a map of the UK displaying all the trees that have been planted for loved ones.

We'd love for as many people to take part in this as possible, even if you only have your say about what we do as a community.


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