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Friday's Reflections

We are half way (4 weeks) through this new Autumn term. I have been able to find the quickest and shortest routes to save time and petrol, and with some wiggling we have settled down to a routine.

We should all have our reading comprehension under way, after a few delays in books being delivered. You should be getting used to doing the Mischievous Moral Mayhem on Monday, the Word of the Week on Wednesday and Weekly Maths Problems on Friday. The spellings into sentences are yielding some very interesting sentences - well done! it make it less boring for me to read.

Now I already know that some of you are struggling with your time keeping, and therefore planning your days and getting the work done. I have been helping some of you to write up your diary's to plan the work over the week, you now need to follow the plan. By doing some every day makes it so much easier - than keeping all saved up to the day before I come.

Some of you are not finding the change from the 4 x 30 minutes virtual lesson to the 1 hour face to face as you expected. Therefore, we all need to expect that there will be changes after the half term as some of the younger and less mature homeschoolers are already asking to return to virtual lessons. They are beginning to fall behind, so we will need to make some changes. I will be speaking everyone over the next few weeks.

On Monday, the start of this week, we had done over 11,000 questions and had mastered over 250 skills. Keep up the good work!


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