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Friday’s Reflection

Well we have made it to the end of term with our sense of humour still in tack. We have answered over 90,000 maths and English questions and studied for over 650 hours. The result of this week’s maths tests also show that everyone has made good steady progress in Maths.

I am very pleased to say everyone reached their targets which means we all get a full Easter Break. That means our learning with restart on the 19th April.

Sadly, the rules around Covid-19 have not substantially changed. The restrictions remain in place across the country and unfortunately that does include for us too. We should be remaining home and only going out for essential reasons only. Exercise being one of them and so instead of walking or running by yourself or with a family member - what we can do is to meet up, for exercise, as a study buddy group at a local park. Stick to 6 people only in the group. However, as the teacher, if I join you I don’t count as part of the 6. Remember to observe the distance spacing, which means we can, if you want to, go for a 5k run or walk around Virginia Water Lake. What we are not able to do is the Thames Walks again this year. We still can’t mix in the support vehicles getting their or if we need a rest. I am hoping the gyms and local swimming pools open up soon and we can get back to exercising there. You won’t be able to go as a study buddy group without me being present, so invite me along if you want to go as a group and I will gladly act as the responsible adult. In the meantime, I am hoping that the local lake will be open very soon and I can get some open air cold water swimming in before we are back to learning. look out for me on my bike as I will be out and about on my bike too!

The Orchard Training Homeschool Garden Club will continue over the holidays as now is a very important time to sow and plant out, so we will continue to meet up virtual. Under the rule of 6 we can meet up at the allotment but we need to keep our distance. This would be a great time to swop and potted on plants that you have for others in the group.

Whilst this week, was the last recipe of the term for the Orchard Cookery Club, if you cook over Easter don’t forget to add that to your diary, write it up and take photos: as that adds to you learning time next term.

I am also very happy to say that the Easter Bunny was able to deliver all the Easter Eggs too!

So, with that all said, I wish you all a very happy Easter break.


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