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Back to Learning for the Summer Term (plus hot cross buns)

I hope you all had a restful Easter break. The Orchard Training Cookery Club spent some time with me on Maundy Thursday making hot cross buns from scratch. Learning the history of the bun and adapting the basic recipe to their liking.

As we restart the final term of the year, we are celebrating everyone who has gained a place at college. Well done! A word here needs to said about the college places. Changes in funding means that there is an expectation that you are continuing to study maths and English outside of college days, so some of you might have to stay with me next year – so sorry!

We have done over 150,000 questions this year. Which is an average of 75,000 per term. It will be important to keep that pace up. The brilliant Year 5 boys took both first place with (almost 4,000 questions) and second place (almost 3,000) correctly answered questions on the leader board and our lovely Y3 young lady took third place. Obviously, KS2 is easier than KS3 but it is not for them as individuals they are learning new stuff just as much as KS3 are. However, what needs to be recognised is that they are much younger and putting in a whole much more effort than the upper KS3’s (Year 9 in particular).

We have six weeks until our next break and I am resetting the leader board to show skills mastered. That means how many skills are completed to 100. That means not giving up because you have reached 80 or 90 but getting to the end. Now I know many in Year 9 who might complain at this because we have just finished the hardest section of their maths. The good news is that their units of maths is now much easier and play in to their natural maths skills.

Support materials have already gone out – you don’t have to open them until Monday. However, you do need to open the envelopes on Monday and get working on them. We are back to learning on Monday 17th April.

May I please remind all parents that they need to book for next term.


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