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Friday's Reflections

Well done everyone, we made it to the half term break! Collectively (everyone from our Reception Class to those in university) together we have answered over 81,000 questions in maths and English, from September to this Friday. All of you have completely finished 80% of all units undertaken and where you haven't you have go stuck past the 70% marker. So, huge pats on your backs for your efforts. Particularly, for the last six weeks. We have to acknowledge that the last six weeks have been the hardest but we all have rallied and romped over this weeks dead line, with very few of you having any work outstanding. Those of you who have had unfinished, it has been due to poor internet connections and your parents have kindly made contact with me to explain.

Most of you have chosen to make your Design and Technology project of a homemade kite over the half term and to do this with your siblings. Probably, a good idea due to the weather. The Artic temperatures and the wind chill factor this week had meant that it has been very cold and not really welcoming to be outside for too long and the concept of fun. Half term after Monday is going to be much warmer - hopefully!

Speaking of Artic temperatures, the Orchard Training Garden Club have been all a buzz due to the damage to their plants. We have been prudent by planting in small batches, we haven't yet potted on week 17 and week 20's sowings. These are still in the warm and protection of the house, green house or cold frame. However, those who planted, as I did, broad-beans before Christmas will notice these haven't made it through the week. My rhubarb, garlic, strawberries, blackberries and some of my flowers are looking the worst for the weather too. However, the earliest spring bulbs are doing their best to shine and the flowers have started to open.

Everyone in Years 7 and 8 will be presenting their presentations on Monday 22nd February during their lessons. Otherwise, enjoy the time off from learning the best you can, given we are still under Lockdown 3 rules.


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