Friday Reflections

So we are at the end of the first 4 weeks of the new home school new year and it has been tricky! Three families have been for Covid 19 tests, thankfully all have come back negative. The all have the regular and ordinary common cold.

As we stand today Year 8 and working hard and making great progress. Year 7 has new learners join each week. Those of you who have joined this week will feel the pressure to catch up with those who started three weeks ago. We have Year 9 and Year 10 working on individual programmes until we can all rejoin to the same pace. Year 3 is working very hard on their spellings and are recalling the sounds they have missed and Year 5 are working hard on their maths. Many of you are putting in an extra effort to regain those times tables you have forgotten.

We are celebrating that our Year 1 learner has finally been offered a school place and has started main stream education this week. Hooray! It is very important for socialising that small people are in school, if they want to be and this lovely little one wanted to be. She simply slipped through the cracks with the school placement system - Ops!

The big thing this week is the NHS Track and Trace App., if we all down load it - we can all stay that little bit safer. Numbers in Spelthorne are high (they are still a cause for concern) and I can see that the numbers in Runnymede are rising. As I am the link between all of us, it would be great if every home schooling family and the in schoolers families downloaded the App.

My lovely mobil phone, which still looked as good a new and was running just fine was too old to download the App. so it was an expensive weekend with a masked up visit to the shops to buy a new phone. I have now downloaded the App. and we (well I am) good to go at least.

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