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DT - November Week 2 Hand Sewing 2022

This week's D.T. was hand sewing and we have been making gift tags with cross stitch designs and some of just wanted to practice sewing in straight lines and have made bookmarks as presents. The skills we are learning this week have been to cut a length of cotton that does not tangle, to split the silks, to thread a needle, tie a knot and to sew without loosing thread. Very basic skills, we know, but last year it became clear that nobody knew them. So, this year I invested for D.T. some thread aides and they cut my work load down and by the end of the session every one had stopped asking me to do it for them. Most of us mastered the art of a knot at the end thread - not all - but most.

The photograph below shows what was finished at the end of the session. The rest were taken home with the promise they will be finished this week.

Next week we will start the Gingerbread Houses. Make sure you book in to your slot.

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