Healthy August

Due to educational cuts and the governments period of austerity, nearly 50% of all school aged children are not doing enough exercise. That included those who take part in school P.E. as changing, taking our the equipment and lining up for P.E. can take up a large portion of the hour allotted for the lesson and therefore some children are active for less than 30 minutes every day.

The statistics on Summer Holiday Hunger would prove that the luxury of visiting the local sports centre for a swim this summer is total out of the question.

Here at Orchard Training we like to encourage all out learners, in school or out to do an hour of exercise every day to help them stay healthy and if it is free we like it even better.

Here are some ideas for you

· Get to gather in local park with some of your Study Buddies and play tag.

· Walk as many of the local trip rather than drive.

· Visit the local recycling centre at Woking and pick up a bike, learn how to maintain it and go out cycling.

· Down load a free exercise app aimed at children like Change4Life 10 Minute Shake Up

The gains of exercise on your family’s health is important and being active has more benefits than you might think. It's not just good for the body, it's good for mental wellbeing too. Here are just some of the positives exercise can provide:

· Improved strength and fitness

· Boosts happiness and improves self-esteem

· Helps develop social skills

· Taking part in a team sport builds trust and reduces isolation

Why not join us on our bike training for the Big Charity Bike Ride and come along an support us on the day.

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