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Mischievous Moral Mayhem

This week’s Mischievous Moral Mayhem is: A local shop keeper gives you more change than you deserve. You discover this just outside the shop. Do you return the change?

On the surface, some of these Mischievous Moral Mayhem questions appear to be a quick yes or no answer. I want you to think deeper than yes or no – you need to explain your answers. Some answers will depend on your gender, some will depend upon your age, some will be effected by your experience, some you may need to think staying safe whilst doing the right thing and other will have a cultural element. When answering a Mischievous Moral Mayhem try to write in three paragraphs.

The first one you can be creative what could you do? Be creative about how you could solve the issue. Give a number of different suggestions if you can. If you have already found yourself in the situation write about what happened.

The second paragraph needs to cover things you should do? If you are a first aider you will know what you must do if you find someone collapsed in the street. If you are not a first aider you should call for an ambulance. In some of the situations there are laws that govern what you should do. You may need to do some research.

In the final paragraph, you need to write about what you would actually do. If you are 14 years old your answer will be very different from the 10 year olds or my answer as I am an adult. There is no right or wrong answer and occasional the answer will be “I don’t know.” You may never know until your faced with the situation. Be honest, I am not going to judge your answer or you. If your answer is going to be what you think may be considered selfish. That’s fine - be selfish because there will be reasons for that. Write what these might be.

The aim of the Mischievous Moral Mayhem is to link PSHE, Citizenship and writing. Don’t forget to record the time you take to answer in to your diary.

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