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Word of the Week

atmosphere (noun)

Meaning – the envelope of gasses surrounding the earth and another planet.

Example of using it in a sentence: "Part of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the earth’s atmosphere.”

The word can also mean: the pervading tone or mood of a place, situation or piece of creative work.

Example of using it in a sentence: “You could cut the atmosphere between them with a knife.”

Spelling Tip – ‘Atmos’ meaning vapor and sphere meaning ball. break this up in to the four segments you can hear. If you are not dyslexic then the whole of ‘sphere’ can be done in one. It will help to muscle memory write this one, so you can connect the small round letter 's' to the dangling letter ‘p’ and the tall letter ’h’.

at + mo + sph + ere

Use the word as many times throughout the week as you can. This can be verbally, in your written work or listen out for other people using it.


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