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Accommodate (verb)

Meaning - a building or room can provide lodging or sufficient space for a number of people

Example of using it in a sentence "The homeschool classroom can accommodate up to six learners."

Synonyms: house, put up, billet, quarter, board, take in, provide shelter for, shelter, give a bed to, give someone a roof over their head, provide a roof over someone's head, make room for, give accommodation to, provide with accommodation, provide accommodation

It can also mean – to fit in with the wishes or needs of others.

Example of using it in a sentence "I am happy to accommodate learners who want a day out if they have done all the homework."

Synonyms: help, fit in with, allow for, assist, aid, lend a hand to, oblige, serve, do someone a service, meet the needs/wants of, do someone a good turn, favour, do someone a favour, cater for, indulge, pander to, humour, gratify, satisfy.

Spelling Tips: the root word is ‘to accommodate’ linked with a place to stay. So, do not forget the word has two cc’s - two cots and two mm’s - two mattresses for people to stay and you need to book a date when to stay.

a + cc + o + mm + o + date

Use the word as many times throughout the week. This can be verbally, in your written work or listen out for other people using it.

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