Weekly Maths Problem

Don’t forget to write out the problem at the top of the page, date the work and show all your workings out (even the wrong answers) and then file the evidence in your folder!

Tomorrow is World Running Day and all over the world people will be joining in by going for a run. Orchard training has joined forces with Everyone Active at Staines Leisure Centre for this week’s maths problem. I went for a ‘hobble’ on a treadmill as part of my physio and Emily from Everyone Active officially verified my time. I was only able to do half a mile in 25 minutes. You don’t have to go to a gym to do this, you can just run around a field or a park or your local streets. Go for a run for as far as you can and record your time. Then work out 1) your average time over a mile and 2) how much faster than me were you?

You can share your answers here in the forum on the website or with me as I visit during the week. Remember you need to show your workings out to get the maximum points.

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