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Week Two of Bike Training - Update

Those of who have registered and who have the training plan (it is still not too late to do so) have managed to dodge the rain and then the humidity to get to the 11-mile mark of continuous cycling within the hour. I realised, fairly quickly, that I am going to be the slowest with my knee injury and many have cycled further within the hour.

I have to say I am struggling doing the training on the stationary bike in the gym. Apparently, taking the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” in and reading it while your legs are doing the work is not the-done-thing. “Apparently, it is ok to listen to the book on your phone but other gym users object to the book being read” – who knew!

New week, we are aiming for 15 miles in distance (with or without a book remains to be seen)


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