Unpleasant Span Messages to Study Buddies

We are aware that some study buddies have sadly been receiving unpleasant spam messages through their local group chat.

Phishing is where cyber criminals try to trick people into handing over sensitive information or installing malware. Often, they do this via malicious emails that appear to be from trusted senders. These messages often look legitimate and could also include a link to a website or an offer with the aim being to tempt you to click the link to see what it is. Messages can also ask you to download or install a particular file. Again, this is an attempt to access your information or to gain access to Orchard Training.

  • If you don’t recognise the sender, then do not click on the link

  • Do not open any suspicious looking attachments

  • If at all in doubt about the origin of an email you receive do not open it

  • Remember: stop and think before you click on a link!

If you do get any phishing messages from individuals or groups please follow the guidance below:

1. These messages are not from Orchard Training.

2. Please do not click on any links in the email

3. Please delete the message straight away

There is no need to report or forward these messages on unless:

  • You receive phishing messages trying to trick you into handing over sensitive information or installing malware.

  • If you receive a phishing message and it is asking you to hand over personal information or take photographs showing your face. Refuse to do so and report it to your parents, to Orchard Training or to the police depending upon the type of message.

If you need advice on which route to take please feel free to ask!

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