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This week we are celebrating Dictionary Day with ABC stories

This ABC was written independently, with no help, by a learner in Y5 and is called 'An Afternoon at Aberystwyth Zoo' and it goes like this:

An accidental afternoon at an Aberystwyth attraction.

Blackbirds burped and belched upon blueberries.

Crusty crabs crunched on crinkly crisp and chocked on creamy caterpillars.

Dainty, dirty dalmatians drew diamonds on the dining room doors.

Enormous elephants escape from the erratic elaborate emporium.

Fancy French frogs flopped on flapping flamingos.

Giant giggle goats gorged on grapes and gooseberries.

Hairy happy hippos hopped hilariously in the hopscotch hall.

Indio iguana from India itched impatiently in the ice cream parlour.

Jiggling jellies juggled and jangled in the juice jugs.

Kangaroos kicked karate kolas.

Lovely, little ladybirds licked lemonade lollipops left by the lazy lions.

Musical marmosets munched on maroon macaroons, marshmallows and mushy macaroni.

Narwals nibbled naughtily on the nectarines and nasturtiums.

Orange orangutans opened the olives and feed them to the opal octopus.

Penguins put pepper in the pizza sauce, poached eggs and peach and plum pies.

Queen bees quickly quarrelled with quivering quale.

Rude rhinos rolled in raspberries and ratatouille and ran to the roller coasters.

Silly slimy sticky stick insects sucked on salmon scales and saucy smelly sardines.

Tasmanian Devils turn tarts in to tiny trampolines for the tumbling termites.

Ugly unicorns wearing uniforms ushed uncles under umbrellas.

Vain vultures vanished with the Victoria Sponge and vindaloo.

Wild walruses waved at the wet whales with watercress

Xantus leaf- toed geckos escaped with Xinomavro Grapes.

Yellow yelling yaks yanked the yoghurt from the yapping Yorkshire Terrier.

The Zulu zebra zig-zagged around the overzealous Zebu.

Here is one started off by a young man who had just started to read Harry Potter. He got a little stuck, so some our kind Y10's helped him out with their knowledge of the whole series of books.

Albus ate apples, apricots and avocadoes whilst admiring the archers.

Bellatrix was being bad beneath the ballroom.

Colin captured the castle with cartography.

Doby danced dreadfully in the dungeon.

The elves excelled at cleaning eggs.

Falk’s feathers fell frightfully when Fleur tried to fluff him.

George’s great gobstoppers got grotty.

Harry’s happiness happened when Hagrid whished him happy birthday.

In the inn were ingots were indecisive little Ickle Diddykins itched.

James jumped for joy.

Krum kindly knitted a kilt for a kelpie.

Luna Lovegood likes licking lemon lollypops.

Minerva McGonagall mastered magic music.

Neville napped in a nightie.

Olivia and Oliver opened an oval owl letter.

Peter Pettigrew and Peeves purposively poured the polyjuice potion over the painting.

Queenie qualified for the Quidditch cup while Quirrell did not.

Ron, Remus and Rubeus repaired Ron’s runespoor’s rattle.

Severus Snape stood still smelling special spells and skiving snackboxes.

Tonks tapped the table.

Umbridge ubiquitous usurped and urge unrest.

Voldemort vicus brain was vexed.

Weasley went waggishly to a Wiseacres Wizarding workshop.

Xenophilius Lovegood was in Xanadu when he played the xylophone.

Yaxley brought a yaffle and yams to the Yule ball.

Zonko’s Joke Shop floor was painted a deep zaffre in colour by a zamboni.

This is an alliteration word bank rather than a story that captures the world of Harry Potter but you can see if you can do better by actually having a plot in your story. I look forward to your entries.


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