The Annual Fishing Day 2020

These are difficult times for everyone and we know that you’ll all be impacted in different ways by the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This unprecedented situation is changing the way we all go about our daily lives, and the health and safety of our angling community is important to us during this time. However, we do have something to look forward to and that is our annual fishing day. It won’t be cancelled - we will most defiantly be doing it. Just when makes the date unclear! I promise it won't be forgotten! It is one of our best days out and I know you home school boys really look forward to it, weeks ahead of the day. The current advice about fishing from government is clear: stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. To keep ourselves and others safe, it’s vital that we all play our part and abide by the social distancing guidance. This means that none of us should be leaving our houses to go fishing.  

We will all have our own way of keeping busy during this time, and there are many things that us anglers can do to get ready for the time when restrictions begin to be lifted. The first thing to do is to take some time to get your tackle into top condition so you’re ready to go when we can return to the bankside and enjoy our favourite pastime again. This is about more than just getting organised: thoroughly cleaning and drying fishing nets and gear makes sure diseases and invasive species are removed, helping to protect waterways and fish stocks. The second most useful activity that many of us put off when life gets busy, is disposing of old bait and preparing new bait, as well as tying rigs or flies. While getting out onto the water’s edge isn’t possible at the moment, the Angling Trust are helping feed our angling habit with some great content on their website and social channels. The Trust’s new Fishing Buzz website is updated daily with angling news, views, tips, videos and advice suitable for the whole family. There is also a really helpful COVID-19 resource hub on the Angling Trust website which is updated regularly with the latest advice and guidance for individual anglers, clubs, fisheries and other angling organisations. Please keep safe and well – and, until the guidance changes, be sure to stay at home.

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