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Shakespeare - The Comedy of Errors

This year's visit to the Globe Theatre in London was to see The Comedy of Errors. I have to say, along with the Merry Wives of Windsor this one of my favourites. This is one of William Shakespeare's earliest plays and one of his shortest. It is morn of his most farcical comedies, with a large part of the fun coming from some very silly slapstick, verbal puns and word play and mistaken identity. So much so, that we now use the plays title as an idiom: for a series of events that are unbelievable caused by a number of errors made by all involved and throughout the sequence of the events.

The performance we went to see was in traditional costume - which lead to a need for an explanation of the Elizabethan codpiece. We were also treated to an excellent example of "the play must go on." One of the actors playing one of the twins Dromio, was indisposed. Which meant a young man whose appearance was so different from the actor playing his twin, had to step in and read from the script. Once the teenagers, with me, worked out who his was supposed to be a twin to - they found it hilarious. We all greatly enjoyed his performance! Further in to the play another stagehand superhero appeared. This time a young lady stepped into the role of Gaoler. At the end of the play, we gave both of them our biggest applause.

Overall we had a really lovely afternoon out. The weather held, we enjoyed the play and getting and fro was quick and easy and while we waited we were treated with a ride by of a large motorbike drive. Motorbikes being of a keen interest in mine and some of the boys with me. We were spoilt!


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