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One Summer Trip

Tommy was driving home from his nan’s place in the city and the car broke down stranding him in the desert. There was steam coming out of the raduator. The car could not go any further without a tow truck.

He got out of the car to see if he could walk back along the road to find some help. He was not sure if he was closure to the town he had just passed through or the next town, as his satnav was not working out in the desert, now the car’s engine had come to a complete stop.

While he was deciding which way to go a giant bull came crashing out of the desert scrub land. The bull chased him off the road and further and further deeper in to the dessert.

Finally, the bull stopped chasing him. Tommy stood quietly, hardly daring to breathing, just in case the bull came back. Finally, he believed the bull had lost interest. Not sure which way to walk he decided to walk up hill to get a view point, to see if he could get a sight of the road.

Just as he made it up the hill Tommy tripped over a small cactus. Whilst he was rubbing his sore ankle that had been spiked by the cactus, he heard a noise behind him. He kept very still fearing it might be the bull again. It was only an armadillo, a small armadillo that came from behind him snuffling as it looked for its dinner. Tommy was not sure if the armadillo was dangerous or not so he stayed still. All of a suddenly a huge snake came out from the bush. It was so big that it ate the armadillo in one big swallow. Tommy stayed rooted to the spot watching the snake in case it turned around and came his way. He was not sure if his feet would work and help him run away if the snake did turn his way. Suddenly, a vulture came swooping down and in each out stretched talon it picked up the snake and flew off to a nearby tall cactus and ate the snake.

Tommy was hungry and thirsty, he was glad to see a prickly pear. He stabled the fruit with a long stick and cut it open with the pocket knife he had in his pocket. It tasted really nice. He made it to the top of the hill – but he could not see the road or his car. He was about to give up hope when he heard a noise in the dessert scrub. Finally, someone he was happy to see. He was rescued from the dessert by the farmer who came looking for his crazy bull.


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