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May is The Month of Music

Well it would have been with the Eurovision Song Contest - sadly for this year it has been cancelled and so we don't have that joy to look forward too!

But we do have a wide range of genres of music to listen to, a different genre every day of this month. You can find the piece of music suggestion each day on the calendar. Every day this month you will need to check the calendar for the music item, click on link and listen to the music.

Once you have heard the piece music, you need to write about it. In your diary or on a piece of paper filed in your evidence folder you will need to record.

1. Write: the name of the piece of music

2. Write: the genre it comes from

3. Write: the composer/singer/performer

4. Write about: the feelings and places evoked by this music – i.e. This music makes me feel . . .

5. Write about: how he composer uses these instruments to create a particular mood, image or atmosphere or how the video adds or subtracts from the music.

6. You will need to rate the pieces of music either by writing: My personal opinion of this piece of music is . . .

7. Finally, draw an image that this music brings to your mind under the title of - This music creates this artistic image in my mind.

Alternatively, print off the worksheet if you have a printer. You will need to email me to get this.

Each each we will be learning a song we can sing together. I will be asking everyone for their suggestions and will let you know each Monday the song of the week.

And finally, we will be voting for the the best piece of music from the one we have listened to over the course of the month.


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