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Learning on The Move – Stirling and Falkirk

Stirling is a city in central Scotland, north-east of Glasgow and north-west of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. The medieval old town with its merchants was a town to trade in, with its surrounded by rich farmland, connecting the royal citadel, the river and the port. Located on the River Forth, it is the strategically important as the "Gateway to the Highlands".

According to a 9th-century legend, when Stirling was temporarily under Anglo-Saxon sway, it was attacked by Danish invaders. The sound of a wolf roused a sentry, however, who alerted his garrison, which forced the Vikings retreat. The wolf motif was there after was adopted as a symbol of the town.

Stirling is visually dominated by the castle sitting over looking it the town. Once the capital of Scotland, Stirling also has a medieval parish church, the Church of the Holy Rude, where in 1567, the infant  James VI was anointed King of Scots.

The poet King was educated and grew up in Stirling. He was later also crowned King of England and Ireland on 25 July 1603, bringing closer the countries of the United Kingdom.


Clearly, there is the castle with its glorious Royal Palace, with corridors steeped in intrigue and political plotting. There is lots to do for both the younger and older learners.

When theOld Town Jail is open, you can hear the tales of the horrible history of crime and punishment in the Royal Burgh of Stirling. You’ll hear of infamous executioner Jock “The Happy Hangman” Rankin. This is a very interactive activity with actors playing the parts, and well worth a visit!

Religious Education:

Another jewel in the city’s crown not too far from the castle is the second oldest building in Stirling The Church of the Holy Rude. The Church has commanded since the 12th

century a splendid view from the city’s highest hill. The setting of James VI coronation in 1567. A ceremony performed by revolutionary theologian John Knox.

Information Technology:

Thanks to advanced 3D technology you can immerse yourself in the Battle of Bannockburn you’ll feel you’re in the thick of medieval combat on the day when king fought king and Robert the Bruce changed the course of Scottish history, a good place to visit on a wet day.

Design and Technology:

The amazing feat of engineering and which links to our British Water Ways Project is the Falkirk Wheel. Whilst the wheel itself is mind-blowing, and personally I think worth the visit all by itself - it might not grab everyone’s attention for the whole day. This is okay as there are endless activities on offer around the wheel site. There are bikes for hire which means you can cycle between the Falkirk Wheel and Helix Park passing the 13-step lock on the way, thus completing two things from the British Water Ways Project in one day.

You can also follow the path ways and visit a section of the Antonine Wall, which links nicely with our Romans in Britain project. - so, P.E. can be covered as well as you make your way around The Helix’s 350 hectares of fabulous open green space. The one jewel of the park is The Kelpies, another fine example of design and technology -these stand 30 meters tall and can been seen from some distance away. They are the world’s largest equine sculptures and they capture the essence of horse beautifully. They are placed at the junction of two channels and this is a lovely family space.

Science: Biology

On the outskirts of Stirling there is the largest birds of prey collection in Scotland at the world of Wings. Here you can listen to talks and see exhilarating displays from all your feathered favourites including eagles, owls, vultures, falcons, hawks and much more!

For our raptor passionate learners, there is an introduction to falconry training day course available at an additional cost for anyone who wants to learn more about working with these impressive animals, as well as handling sessions for up to two birds. We would highly recommend this - if this is your thing!

Don’t forget to add all of the activities that you take part in- in to your diary.


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