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Healthy August - Three Strikes and Your Out: A Swimming Game to Play

Here at Orchard Training we like to encourage all out learners, in school or out to do an hour of exercise every day to help them stay healthy and if it is free we like it even better.

If you have a pool at home or if you can visit the beach this summer - you can Three Strikes and Your Out.

You will need enough friends and Studdy Buddies to make up the fun.

  • All players are numbered and stand in a circle in the pool.

  • Player 1 throws the ball to another player and calls out the players number. All the other players must try to move away from the ball.

  • When the named catcher has the ball, they must call out "stop."

  • All players must remain in their position, while the catcher throws the ball softly towards another player.

  • Every time a player is hit they are given a strike. after three hits/ strikes, they are out of the pool.

  • In the second round Player 2 throws the ball and the process is repeated. Each round the next player gets a go to throw the ball, unless they are out of the game.

  • The game continues until only one player is left and this player becomes the winner.


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