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How to play Duck, Duck, Goose

This is another very popular game to play out at the park with your friends and to get your heart jumping. The rules are similar to games played all over the world and it is called by different names – but I know this as Duck, Duck, Goose. But you could update it to Cop, Cop, Robber,

You will need a large’ish’ group for this be real fun. All the players, except the first person who is ‘the fox’, sit in a circle. The fox walks around the circle, tapping each player on the head, saying “duck” each time until he decides to tap someone and say “goose.” The fox runs around the circle in order to sit in the space vacated by the goose.

The goose and runs after the fox, trying to tag him before foxcan take sit in the seat left open by them. If the fox successfully reaches the goose’s seat without being tagged, the goose is the new fox.

If the goose tags the fox, then the goose keeps his spot in the circle and the foxmust either continue to be the fox for another turn.

Don’t forget to record this in your diary!


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