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Garden Club - Nest Box for the Robin

Here at the Orchard Training Garden Club, we are very excited about this week as it is National Nest Box Week. The aim of this week is to encourage everyone to put up new nest boxes in their garden to encourage birds in.

Often natural nest sites for birds like holes in trees or old buildings disappear we 'tidied up' and old houses are repaired. Lots of new house are being built with pockets handkerchief gardens and these areas are covered with astro turf.

This week gives all of us, homeschoolers, the opportunity to do our bit. We can use some of our learning time in conservation.

Some of us have been down to our local garden centre to look at nest boxes. There is quite a lot of choice but as home schoolers we are very mindful of money, so the one I chose for my garden and the robin that has being visiting my garden I have chosen a simple unpainted one and put it up in a shelter spot.

I am hoping that this will encourage the robin back to my garden, as I haven't seen the robin since Storm Denises swept through.

Don't forget to record your time and what you have done in your diary, take photographs as the potatoes grow for your evidence diary and you can record this as Garden Club - nest boxes


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