Garden Club - In the Hunt for Seeds and Snowdrops

January is the best time of year to arrange a seed exchange. As we are just setting up the Garden Club, this month, no one has any seeds to swop this year and we haven’t yet found our local seed swap yet. Next year we will organise our own! January is the best time of year to arrange a seed exchange, when we are thinking about what to grow plants for the year ahead. I am reminded how much, on cold and dull grey winter days, people are in need of a nice get-together. If you are feeling a little low in mood and a bit cabin feverish – wrap up warm and go out for a snowdrop hunt.

I was at my local supermarket looking over the garden magazines. This time of year, they all have seed packets attached to them and I was choosing which one I liked the look of most, when my neighbour said hello. It turns out he wanted to do the same. He was after one particular packet but was not prepared to buy the magazine for the one seed packet. We struck a deal- he would swop 10 seed potatoes for the packet of broad bean seed in the magazine I bought.

I have been looking over the progress made in my garden and decided that it was looking very uninspiring. So, I popped down to my local garden centre looking for a deal with some vouchers I had in my purse form last year. A couple of pots of primroses later, which a carefully teased apart and the area under my plum tree is looking more cheerful. In between the primroses - I have planted shallots (a variety called Yellow Moon) which I will be eating in the late summer early autumn.

A Christmas gift that had not made it to me in December was delivered. Some lovey spring bulbs and a stylish pot to go with then. My friend had grown them, divided them and given them out as present. I am looking forward to see them grow.

Don't forget to record your time and what you have done in your diary, take photographs as you prepare your work for your evidence diary and you can record this as Garden Club. If you go out on the snowdrop hunt record the time as PSHE.

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