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Homeschool Garden Club - Wild Life in the Garden

The weather is nice and I am out and about in the garden again. I have been able to sit a watch the wildlife this week which has been fascinating.

There is a turf war going on in my garden between the squirrels, the magpies and the jackdaws all over my bird feeding station.

As I am weeding, I can hear the squirrels jump on to my fence, realise I am in the garden and do a 180 degree turn around and jump off again. I get thump, thump, jump and a quieter thump as they land further off.

I have moved the bird food station near the compost bins because the mess the birds made of the flower bed, it was in last year. We can see it clearly now and one of the things we have noticed has been the squirrels tucking in to the peanuts and the larger birds; the pigeons, magpies and jackdaws getting the lion share of the seeds and meal worms.

The magpies and jackdaws are fighting it out, when I am not in the garden, for control of the area. We are watching them from the window. it is gang warfare and it has got quite violent in the last few days. we have picked up a number of feathers belonging to both sides that have come out in the fray.

So, I have decided that it is time to address the balance and I have ordered some squirrel proof bird feeders. I have also ordered a water station as I lost the water tray in the tornado earlier this year.

Let us know what you have have been up to in your garden.


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