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Friday’s Reflections

We are now 2/3s of the way through this term, with two weeks to go until the Easter Break. Most of the ‘inschoolers’ have now gone back in to school. So, there is not so much pressure on the time for the homeschoolers from this week onwards. Which is just as well, as some of Y7 have fallen behind on English and will need to pick up the speed to catch up with the others.

Our Garden Club is growing in numbers and a number of new people have joined in with the fun. The Cookery Club are cooking seasonally this coming week with the rhubarb that has now come in to season. It is officially our first harvest of the year.

With just under 50% (49.9%) of the population having had their first dose, it is tempting to think we can relax the rules a bit. But I am going to ask you to try hard to keep the law and keep remain vigilant. We will only come out of these current lockdown restrictions, when the government is sure that it is safe to move from one step to the next.

The decision will be based on four tests:

· the vaccine deployment programme continues successfully

· evidence shows vaccines are sufficiently effective in reducing hospitalisations and deaths in those vaccinated

· infection rates do not risk a surge in hospitalisations which would put unsustainable pressure on the NHS

· the assessment of the risks is not fundamentally changed by new Variants Covid-19

Not one of those tests are linked to how bored or frustrated we are. There are towns around us where the infection cases are going up again. The more people break the rules and mix the longer we will all be in lockdown. Now, is not the time to point fingers and say if they are - why not me. We need to be more grown up than that.

I know it’s hard on all of us homeschoolers, particularly if your friends have gone back to school and your feeling that little bit more cut off because they will be having chats with friends in school and you will may only get a call after school, after homework is done or even after dinner. Now is the time is the time to work with your Study Buddies. The more work you do now and clear from the curriculum, then when we are free to go about you will be truly free to go and about. I have said it a number of times now. If you want a longer summer holiday to be with friends and at liberty to go places, see things and do fun stuff – get your head down now while it is still very boring, while we are still under the Stay At Home rules and get your homework done! As home schoolers you can have 8 or 9 weeks off during the summer rather than the 6 those in school have if the work is done. Equally, if you don't do the work then you summer holiday can be cut shorter. You have it in your hands to make the choice.


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