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Friday's Reflections

We have now completed 3 of the 6 weeks of this half term, so half way through! We have been looking at the progress everyone has made. Y8 have now completed the grammar program and now moving on to comprehensions. Comprehensions are where you read to gather information. We will be reading ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. Books (audio books for the dyslexics) need to be purchased and ready for Monday.

We need to do about 5 units in both maths and English over the week to make good progress. For some, the virtual daily calls are helping stay focused and on track. For others, they like to know what they are doing and they do all their learning on one day (not necessarily the day of the calls). Last week, you have been asked to think about which suits you best and to return the slip of paper saying how you would like to learn after the Easter holidays. Depending upon the responses, we will plan how the lessons will look over Easter to restart on the 19th April. At the moment, we are thinking that the morning will be daily calls and after lunch face to face appointments. I have heard from the NVQ colleges that I work with that I will be working Fridays, so there will be very limited places for home schooling and in-schoolers on Friday.

In the meantime, we will for the next 3 weeks, continue as we are. Although the infection rates in our smaller local towns are doing down, numbers in the three major towns near us are worryingly going up. This may be linked to the return of school movement taking place at the moment. We want a smooth return to normal not an in, out, in, out fanfare. Therefore, we will take a steady and slow return policy. Let’s see what things look like in 5 weeks’ time.


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