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Friday's Reflections

We have now reached week 8 of the new year and we have managed to answer almost 24,000 maths and English questions between us. Absolutely fabulous going!

We have had a few more new learners join us and there will be some shuffling over the half term within our study buddy groups. I understand that one of you have already bravely announced that they will be falling back a year group, as they were struggling in the year group they were originally in. This is very courageous to firstly acknowledge and then tell everyone.

A big thank you to everyone who kindly volunteered to help with the Beta Test of the website and feeding back their experience to the developer. It means we get some free resources and as we know we like free good quality maths resources!

We have been having face to face afternoon lessons in gardens as the weather held. After half term will mark a turn in the weather and we will have to move inside so be prepared for some rule changes if we need to do this with masks.

During half term, I will be meeting up with some fo you to do a spot check on your diaries and folders and for the newbies showing them how to set up both.

When we come back, we will be focused on Design and Technology - wood work, metal work, sewing and gingerbread houses. I will be opening up my house for you to come over Unless that it is if we have another lock down.

Have a fabulous half term!

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