Friday Reflections

Well we have made it through the first week. Only two of you messed up with your appointment times - so things are going well. Everyone is still on target this week.

This week we debated if racism no longer happens in the UK and we tackled fractions and verbs in Maths and English. Bonfire night was celebrated on Thursday and there were a number of private displays around here. Hopefully you were all safe and enjoyed the Bonfire Night Tatties and fruit leather from the Orchard Training Cookery club recipes, as well as the fireworks you could see regardless if they were yours or your neighbours.

This weekend is Remembrance Sunday. If you take part in any virtual church service or parade as part of being in the Brownies, Cubs or Scouts movements or as part of your religious community don'e forget to write that up in your evidence diary either as community service or as RE. Everyone can join in with the 2 minutes silence at 11.00am on the doorstep. We will also be thinking about Children's Grief Awareness day on Friday.

Although Remembrance Sunday is this Sunday, our debate is around the need for to mark the events so many years ago - so go and find out the debate topic in the calendar. Armistice Day is on Wednesday look out for the activities linked with that day.

We have two interesting people to think about to this week both on the 10th Alfred Nobel and Melvil Dewey - to find out why they are interesting check out the Calendar.

We will also be celebrating Homemade Bread Day with some homemade bread recipes shared with us from past learners of Orchard Training. The Orchard Training Garden Club will be finishing up putting the garden to bed and planning their dream Fruit and Vegetable plot for next year.

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