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Friday Reflections

This week we have had a really busy week this week, what with all the swopping over to appointments, but we manage to see everyone. Another of our youngest learner has now started at school after finally being offered a place - hooray!

Most of you have kept up the pace and are still on track. three of you have fallen a little behind due to various reasons and the new learners who have joined us are working hard to cover the units they missed so they can move along with the whole group after half term.

At the moment, half term will be from the 26th to the 30th October, for 1 week only. I will be taking that week total off as a break and I would council that everyone who has complete their work load do the same, and that means not mixing with your study buddies. In order to break the spread of Covid-19.

If you are still behind then use this week to catch up and take the pressure of your self when we come back. This week we are working on decimals and verbs.

The Orchard Training Cookery Club are doing well or next master class will be on pies. Check out each week the recipe for your year group. The RHS Big Soup Share is going well and I will be calling in your recipes next week.

If you are in the Orchard Training Garden Club we are planting garlic, brood beans and brassica in the next few weeks.

We are in week 7 of the 5K training, keep up the good work and keep an eye on weather so you run in good light and avoid the rain. Nothing puts you off quicker than a cold soaking! after half term we will be swimming or personal training.


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