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Design and Technology - Year 4 Style

Back in the spring, I was given two latch hook kits, which I shared with my two Y4 girls this DT month. Thank you so much to the mum who donated them, her daughter had grown up before she had even opened let alone finished the projects and instead of gather dust and taking room she passed them on to our homeschool. Latch hook projects have a little tool that catches the wool and passes it though the large holed canvas and back out in a loose knot that holds fast.

The Y4's have been beavering away and finished them. We had one red bus design and one unicorn design. and one the last few weeks they have learnt new skills and shared their knowledge between themselves. Top tips like: stick the wool in a long line above the code as a reminder as to which code went with which colour, don't get all the wool out of the plastic sleeves in one go, pinch out the colour you want from the rolls, work in small blocks and don't look at the picture to see if you are doing it right, cross out lines where the pattern gets tricky on the plan and do the knot all the same way.

Both were complicated in their own way, the bunting above the bus had to be redone a couple times to get it to look right. The unicorns head was tricky. Then there were areas where the little squares with the code simply got too confusing and they went free style without getting too worried about getting it wrong - a skill in its self!

We found some free bags and they attached the finished pieces to them.

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