Day 7 of Art-pril

Todays word is Health Today is World Health Day. You can choose an any word or idea related to health, e.g. what keeps you health, types of exercise, tasty healthy food, a good night's sleep. You could draw a nurse, a dentist, a doctor, a pharmacist, the ambulance crew or the receptionist at the Health Centre answering all those calls. Let your best effort be a gift to all the health professionals around the world who do are working so hard to help us all at the moment. Think of them as you draw and make this the best picture you will ever draw. The Official Rules 1) Check out the word for the day or chose a Spring related word of your own. 2) Make a piece of art using any medium or materials (photography counts) 3) Post it on our site 4) Repeat every day.

5) Visit the gallery to see your work and your fellow artists' work. 
For Safeguarding reasons, please do not add you name to you work of art. Just let us know the name of your art piece.

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