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Changing Exercise Skillset

We have just finished 9 weeks of running and we need to say a huge well done to everyone for their efforts. A round of applause to all the non-runners for finishing and for those who run regularly for improving upon your times.

Those who hadn’t run for a long time started at the very beginning of the basic program and everyone finished running the 5K. After the training, it wasn’t such a shock to the system and for most of you it was relatively easy to run the 30 minutes.

It was not about speed but running all the way. As I demonstrated. I know that nobody wanted to finish after the old lady with the bad leg which kept you going and even sprinting to the finish line. I really don’t mind nobody wanted to come in after me!

I huge thank you needs to go to those runners who supported their study buddies and shared some helpful tips. I know the conversation about how to choose a good running shoe was heard with disbelieving ears, but I can’t help notice that we have less trainers with big brand names and nobody is now complaining about their feet, ankles, knees, hips and back after running.

We have now passed the weekend of the clocks going back - it is time to look at our exercise routines. We are moving inside for the winter. The main focus of the skillset is now swimming. We will be swimming over the cold, dark winter weeks for the next 17.

The under 12’s are going to collectively add up their lengths and the over 12’s will be doing it individually. We are going to see who can swim the furthest over the 17 weeks with the aim of swimming the same Distances as the English Channel. Please see our swimming training program for details.


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