Weekly Maths Problem

Don’t forget to write out the problem at the top of the page, date the work and show all your workings out (even the wrong answers) and then file the evidence in your folder!

To answer this question, you are going to have to change the weights about. Change them all in to the same measurement but don’t forget to adjust the money as well.

Nicola wants to make a celebratory pavlova, she needs to buy 0.5kg of raspberries, 3/4 kilograms of cherries, four kiwis weighing 200g and 1 pounds of strawberries. How much will she spend on fresh fruit.

Grapes £0.92 per kg

Kiwis £1.37 per kg

Cherries £1.09 per kg

Bananas £0.45 per kg

Peaches £0.81 per kg

Strawberries £0.56 per kg

Raspberries £0.65 per kg

You can share your answers here on Facebook or in the forum or with me as I visit during the week. Remember you need to show your workings out to get the maximum points.


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