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Word of the Week

Mischievous (adjective)

Meaning –causing or showing a fondness for causing trouble in a playful way.

Example of using it in a sentence: "Some of my learners are mischievous, playing practical jokes when they can.”

Synonyms: naughty, bad, disobedient, troublesome

It also means – causing or intending to cause harm or trouble

Synonyms: malicious, malevolent, hostile, spiteful, venomous, vindictive, harmful, cruel

Spelling Tip – the word starts with the ‘mis’ – meaning wrong, followed by the ‘ch’, we need to remember this is an ‘ie’. We can hear clearly hear the ‘v’ and ends with the ‘ous’.

Mis+ ch + ie + v + ous

Use the word as many times throughout the week as you can. This can be verbally, in your written work or listen out for other people using it.


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