Girls and Women in Sports Day

In the USA, they have a National day for this. We are somewhat unsure about adding this day because sports should be for everyone. However, I remember my own sports days in school and it was more a holding activity, a lesson where we were given things to do in order to occupy that time. Nothing was done to inform us about how sports contributed to our overall health. No connections were made to our mental health or physical health nor to our leadership potential.

In my time at school PE or 'Sports', was where were we told to run around the very large field to warm-up. The winter runs stick in my mind most, running around in sleet. Standing in goal position, for hockey, in sleet, sitting on the bench for Netball in summer. Where, as a dyslexic, my discoordination was a made fun of and I was always the last to be picked for teams. The only time this did not happen was long distant running, I am build for distance not speed and I could continue around the course, not stopping on the way, which was the only time I was ‘sports’ popular. But most of all what I remember about sports was being very bored and hating it really badly.

I love swimming, walking and cycling -

three things that were not offered at my school. Most of the boys go boxing, or and to the gym. We have British School Boy Campions among our ranks and we have a young man trying out for the Junior Olympic Team. However, from of the conversations with the girls and the mums, the schools were not offering you the right sports either and now you're not doing anything now.

Let's change that this year.

Sports play an important role in girls lives. Besides helping to establish a routine for a healthy, active lifestyle, sports build confidence, leadership skills and the ability to work with a team.

But there is so much more to participating in sports. Girls and Women who participated in sports are more likely to graduate from college. According to an EY study, women increase their odds of landing leadership positions when they have a background in athletics.

Girls develop lifelong valuable relationships during their sports career, too. This 'sports' stuff is serious business.

It also doesn’t matter the sport. Whether girls choose to be a part of the volleyball team or prefer to aim for par or better in golf, the health, leadership, and academic benefits develop with each one.

So, Girls, what are you going to do about sports as part of your homeschooling? Let me know and I will see what we can do with all our study buddies to make it fun.


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