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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Thank you ever so much for the lovely present that you gave me for Christmas. I really appreciate that you thought of me. It was very kind of you and I am very touched by your generosity.

I would like to also thank you and all our families around the world who are making a real difference for creating an interesting home schooling environment and a sustainable and civically-engaged society!

This year we celebrated 3 years of supporting our growing global learningand collaboratively study buddies. Three of our learners have made a successful integration in to university. A number of you have gained the qualifications you needed to get in to college. Many of you have made brilliant progress in your abilities to spell and therefore in your reading and writing. A small study bubby group have been so active that they have passed through a whole year’s work in seven months.

For 2019, we are looking forward to working with you all. Together, we can work and care whilst working together.

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