Will it freeze tonight?

Will it freeze tonight?

The winter weather is getting cold and we will be expecting temperatures near freezing this weekend. Many of us are pet owners and particularly as lots of us are keen bird watchers, I going to ask you to give a present to the wild birds this weekend. Small birds burn through a huge amount of their body in just one very cold night. Let us given them!

Tradition bird seeds can be found in the local supermarket or garden centre but they also like homemade and here is the Orchard training recipes for the birds

Bird Cake

Mix together sunflower seeds, millet, currants, oatmeal, kitchen scraps and stale cake. Cover with melted fat. When slightly cooled press into round, foil dishes. Once cooled the cake can be hung up as a `feeding bell' or placed on a bird table.

Bird Biscuits

Wholemeal pastry is excellent food for birds. Encourage children to describe the texture of the pastry as they roll it out. Use cutters of a variety of shapes to make the biscuits. Place the biscuits on a bird table. See, which shapes the birds, prefer.

Recycle Feeders

Use milk cartons or plastic drinks bottles to make feeders. Although small children will not be able to cut the holes for the feeders they should be encouraged to say where the hole should be made and to give reasons for their designs. Hang the feeders from a suitable nail or branch.


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