Greeting Card Challenge

It’s that time of the year again where you find yourself rushing to the shops searching for gifts, gathering with family or friends, and indulging in your ‘one-of-a-kind’ sugar cookie recipe.

Oh wait, we left out one seasonal detail that’s a must for all of those who love the holiday spirit: greeting cards!

If you were in school you may have been asked to do this in September in time for the school to send off the cards and for them to come back and be sold at the school Christmas fair. Who is September was feeling the festive feeling - nobody that’s who - and as a classroom teacher this was a painful job to do.

So, this year I have decided to do it better – We are inviting you to design Orchard Training’s next year’s Christmas card. You’re beginning to feel in the festive mood and there are lots of Christmas art materials around from glitter to wrapping paper and festive inspiration – lots of you have put your trees up and there are lights on your houses. Whether you do a 2D painting, picture, collage or a 3D arrangement and photograph it - It’s an opportunity to show off your inner Christmas artist.

For the under 12’s - the art piece should capture ‘The Spirit of Christmas’

For the over 12’s - your art piece should show some sort of ‘learning’ element. For example, you could show an elf making a bookend in wood, reindeers learning to read or count, a snowman baking a gingerbread house, Santa using the sewing machine, a group of angles walking the River Thames, robins training for the charity bike ride or a choir fishing!

There is no limit on the number of entries you submit, no limit on the media you use, no limit on ideas and you have a whole month to hand in your entries. Just make the better than the ones in our picture here!

There will of course be a reward for the winning entries. To keep it fair I will ask my teacher friends to judge and I won’t be in the room when they do it. So no need to bride me!


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