This is how to do cycle training in the heat

Yesterday, we went off cycling training again. Mindful of the heat and 40% humidity we set of early. The route we planned meant that most of our cycling would be under trees. At the first stop, ¾ of the way along the way we rested by New Haw Lock. It was half past ten in the morning at over 24c / 75f degrees in the shade and climbing. The only way to cool off was to sink hot feet in the cool cannel water. My pale feet made quite a striking contrast to see the baby fish in the cannel. Our next stop was for ice cream. I had a lovely Sicilian orange, everyone else tried a different flavour. Sitting in the shade, eating ice cream is the only way to do cycling training. Due to the heat, we called it a day at 12 miles and made it home without too much effort.

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